The laboratory of Dendritic Cell Immunobiology



INSERM is the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research. It is a public scientific and technological institute, which operates under the joint authority of the French Ministry of Health and French Ministry of Research. The ANRS is the French Agency for Research on HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis which since 2012 has been an autonomous agency within Inserm. (France)

5 teams from Inserm/ANRS will participate to the PoC-HCV project :

  • Team 1: Matthew Albert Inserm U818/Institut Pasteur
  • Team 2: Stanislas Pol Inserm U567/Instiut Cochin
  • Team 3: Arnaud Fontanet ANRS/Institut Pasteur
  • Team 4: Laurent Abel Inserm U980/University Paris Descartes
  • Team 5: Yazdan Yazdanpanah Inserm U995/Université Lille
 insermtransfert   Inserm Transfert is specialised in technology transfer, legal affairs & business negotiation with industry, as well as EU project management. (France)

epistem   Epistem’s Personalised Medicine Division specialises in providing gene expression information using their proprietary GenetRx™ platform and genetic polymorphism and genotype tests using their proprietary point-of-care platform, Genedrive®. (UK)

biosurfit   Biosurfit developed Spinit®, a proprietary technological platform for the point-of-care testing market. Their goal is to deliver results in a matter of minutes translating into fast and accurate predictive tests and improved patient care. (Portugal)

qlucore   Qlucore is an industry driver in the development of user- friendly software tools for analysing and integrating complex data sets. (Sweden)


PoC-HCV is a European research project supported
by the European Commission (Grant agreement n° 601851).