Expected Outcomes

The proposed PoC-HCV tests will generate and report biomarker results in less than 30 minutes, putting clinicians in a position to make treatment decisions during a single patient visit. The results obtained from the PoC tests will be easy to perform, easy to interpret and will be more cost effective than competing approaches. By providing PoC predictive and prognostic tests, PoC-HCV will enable tangible improvements in the health and quality of life of chronic hepatitis C patients, while simultaneously helping to manage the rising cost of medical treatment through a more efficient use of available resources.

It is an approach that capitalises on our combined expertise in leading edge miniaturised molecular tests, lab-on-a-chip systems, treatment algorithm design and cost effectiveness studies. These enabling technologies will permit the development and delivery of the first integrated “genetic-protein” biomarker tests, applied here to hepatitis C disease for:

  • making the decision to treat;
  • response-guided monitoring;
  • selection of therapy;
  • and clinical research practices.

Capacity development & Long term sustainability of public/private efforts

The value of personalised approaches for managing patients with HCV infection is rooted in positive outcomes for the patient: saving lives and improving the quality of life. Other stakeholders will also benefit: physicians will realise easier decision-making, and better prediction of treatment outcome. Payers will benefit from optimised use of resources: initiating early treatment for those who are likely to respond; discontinuing treatment when risk of failure or adverse reactions is high; and permitting rapid modifications of treatment plans.

Regulators and policymakers will find a stronger basis for the development of cost-effective and/or cost saving treatment guidelines. Simply stated, point-of-care testing for the management of HCV patients makes sense. Our Consortium will work closely with government officials, leaders in academia, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and industry in order to forge a plan for the financing and use of our predictive and prognostic tests. 


PoC-HCV is a European research project supported
by the European Commission (Grant agreement n° 601851).