PoC-HCV Strategy & Workprogramme

The Consortium’s proposed work plan will be carried out over 36 months, and has been organized into five work packages (WPs).

This organization will ensure efficient management of the work (WP1) for the development of the component technologies (WP2), integration of the diagnostic tools (WP3), clinical validation studies (WP4), product development, dissemination and exploitation (WP5) - all with a view towards personalised approaches to the management of patients infected by HCV.

The novel technologies in WP2 will be developed in parallel with integrative algorithms in WP3. This will ensure that the clinical tools are not delayed by a single technical limitation, with back-up strategies in place for each individual assay. In addition, patient specific algorithms developed in WP3 will be developed on banked patient samples ensuring that algorithms will be ready for the prospective clinical trials (WP4).

Execution of two prospective clinical studies will help obtain sufficient information for clinical biomarker qualification, initially sent to the European Medical Agency (EMA). 


PoC-HCV is a European research project supported
by the European Commission (Grant agreement n° 601851).